Working a Little Harder

Physical activity alone may not be enough to counter the negative effects associated with a sedentary lifestyle. According to a new study, fitness is the key to protecting your body from health risks such as heart disease and high blood pressure. From Science World Report: Researchers have suggested that following the public health guidelines for physical activity alone is not enough to escape from the … Continue reading Working a Little Harder

Arizona Study Gets Worldwide Attention

Love it or hate it, the body mass index – or BMI – is widely used to gauge body fat and determine whether someone is overweight or obese. But a new study at the University of Arizona used BMI to determine something very different…..the health of your brain. From the UofA study: There are plenty of reasons it’s important to maintain a healthy weight, and … Continue reading Arizona Study Gets Worldwide Attention

Embrace Your Stress? Maybe….

Stressed out at work? A new study suggests that might actually be a good thing….provided you have control over your work. From Money Magazine: Good news: Your high-pressure job may actually be improving your health. A new study from Indiana University has found that employees in stressful positions are a third less likely to die than those with less strenuous jobs,┬áthe Daily Telegraph reports. However, … Continue reading Embrace Your Stress? Maybe….

Arizona’s ACA Rate Hikes

It’s called the “Affordable Care Act (ACA),” but for many Arizonans…it might not be all that affordable in 2017. The cost of marketplace plans is skyrocketing in our state next year so people will have to dig deeper for their health insurance – much deeper! From Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona will sell marketplace plans in all counties but Maricopa, hiking rates 51 … Continue reading Arizona’s ACA Rate Hikes

The Cost of Common Chemicals

We find them in every corner of our home and rarely give them a second thought. But a new study suggests that everyday chemicals used in items such as cosmetics, plastics, and detergent – harm our health and cost us billions of dollars. From Fox News Health: Chemicals found in plastic bottles, flame retardants, metal food cans, detergents, cosmetics and pesticides cost the U.S. more … Continue reading The Cost of Common Chemicals

Would Sugar Tax be Hard to Swallow?

In a follow-up to a blog we ran last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) is calling for a tax on sugary drinks and food. The WHO believes the tax could drive down consumption and help in the fight against obesity. From the New York Times: A tax on sugary beverages raising their price 20 percent would result in a proportionate reduction in their consumption, … Continue reading Would Sugar Tax be Hard to Swallow?