The Price to Retire

If you plan to retire soon, you might want to keep your piggy bank close because you’ll probably need it! A new estimate on the costs of health care in retirement, just calculated and released by Fidelity Investments, shows some eye-popping…..and piggy bank busting numbers. How big are the numbers? $280,000 dollars big. From USA Today: Got a spare quarter-million bucks sitting around? If you’re … Continue reading The Price to Retire

What’s in a Zip Code?

Where you live in Arizona, your zip code, may say more about your health than your DNA does. That comes from a new study just released by the Arizona Partnership for Healthy Communities titled, “The Arizona Healthy Communities Opportunities Index.” From ZIP codes may serve as reliable indicators in assessing the health of residents and just how long they might live. “Your ZIP code is … Continue reading What’s in a Zip Code?

Arizona Ranks Near the Bottom

A new report does not paint a rosy picture of Arizona’s health care when it comes to kids. According to the finance website WalletHub, our state ranks among the worst for children’s health care. Arizona finished 42 out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. //   From KTAR in Phoenix: In terms of child healthcare, Arizona is considered one of the worst … Continue reading Arizona Ranks Near the Bottom

Fruits and Veggies Do What?

Raw fruits and vegetables may help to improve mental health. In fact, new research suggests eating certain types of produce raw may boost your mood and reduce depressive symptoms more than if the fruits and veggies are cooked or processed. From Science Daily: Seeking the feel good factor? Go natural. That is the simple message from University of Otago researchers who have discovered raw fruit … Continue reading Fruits and Veggies Do What?