Just Saying

The “five C’s.” They form the cornerstone of Arizona’s economic history. Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus, and Climate hold a lofty place in the legacy of our great state, and every once in a while, new additions are proposed.

An art exhibit at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport added “Cactus” and “Canyons”.  Other proposals for inclusion range from “Casinos” to “Cupcakes”.

We’d like to add something to the mix too…..”Conversation.” Whether it qualifies as a new “C” in the annals of Arizona’s brand and history, our intent is to contribute to it with our own online dialogue. Specifically around health and health care issues, both immediate matters deserving commentary and discussion, and more grandiose ideas that might contribute or shape our vision of making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation.

Part of this will be testing some themes that will help us sharpen and refine our conversation.  The early frames are those we will spend a majority of our time blogging about: 

  • Limitless Possibilities;
  • Climate of Health;
  • You and Your Health; and
  • Preserve and Protect. 

Our intent is to organize our blog topics around these themes. We encourage you to share your thoughts as they will inform our longer term approach.

Become one of Arizona’s “Guardians of Health” by signing up to contribute to the conversation on our blog.  By doing so, we will not only push out our regular entries to you via email, but sign you up to be part of our Healthiest State in the Nation Campaign.  There is no cost – only the opportunity to participate in the conversation and future actions we might take to achieve our vision.

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