Take Two Cinnamon Buns and Call Me in the Morning (You and Your Health)

A tasty bit of research out of the University of Arizona shows that cinnamon may help prevent certain forms of cancer. According to UofA’s College of Pharmacy web page, “Georg Wondrak, associate professor, and Donna Zhang, professor, recently completed a study in which they proved that adding cinnamaldehyde, the compound that gives cinnamon its distinctive flavor and smell, to the diet of mice protected the mice against colorectal cancer. In response to cinnamaldehyde, the animals’ cells had acquired the ability to protect themselves against exposure to a carcinogen through detoxification and repair.”

Researchers believe this finding is meaningful because the prognosis for those who are diagnosed with colorectal cancer is poor, and that highlights the importance of prevention. Of the cancers that affect both men and women, colon cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US.

According to Dr. Wondrak, “Given cinnamon’s important status as the third-most-consumed spice in the world (behind pepper and vanilla), there’s relatively little research on its potential health benefits. If we can ascertain the positive effects of cinnamon, we would like to leverage this opportunity to potentially improve the health of people around the globe.”

A common spice that is producing very uncommon results……thanks to the research of two Arizona doctors. Another example of how the people of our state are working to make Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!


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