Have You Posted Your #HealthySelfie? (Climate of Health)

President Barack Obama hasn’t come out publicly to say he loves our plan to try to make Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation…..yet. But that’s only because he hasn’t heard about it….yet. We believe he would love the idea given his own new campaign to promote better health called “healthy self.”

The President is hoping to promote healthy living and encourage people to use the free preventive services available through their health plans.

To that end, the Obama administration is asking people to take a picture of themselves doing something healthy. They’re calling it a “healthy selfie.”

The White House said, “we’ll be sharing them (the #HealthySelfies) on WhiteHouse.gov/Health-Care-in-America. It could be a photo of you working out, choosing a salad or fruit over less healthy options, bypassing the elevators to take the stairs, or heading into the doctor’s office for a checkup. Anything that conveys your commitment to your healthy self, and that may move your friends and followers to follow your lead.”

C’mon Arizona. Send them your best #HealthySelfie. Let’s show ’em what it takes to become the Healthiest State in the Nation!

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