Arizona Doc Leads Fight Against “Medjacking” (Preserve and Protect)

It sounds like something out of a futuristic science fiction thriller, but you should read this story out of the Tucson News on a potential threat that’s been termed – medjacking. In short, medjacking is when someone hacks into a medical device with malicious intent.

Dr. David G. Armstrong, a University of Arizona surgeon, is teaming up with the Department of Homeland Security, the National Security Council, and other government agencies to develop strategies to shut down the medjacking threat.

In a release sent out by the University, Dr. Armstrong said, “Medical devices – insulin pumps, pacemakers, artificial hearts, left ventricular assist devices, artificial pancreas constructs – are susceptible to the same unintentional or intentional and nefarious interruption and invasion as are bank accounts, ATM machines and credit card devices.”

Dr. Armstrong pointed out that medjacking has not happened anywhere but in the laboratory, and that devices such as pacemakers, artificial hearts and insulin pumps are safe.

“This is not something where there are people right now trying to hack into your heart and break your heart,” Armstrong said. “Our goal is to hopefully get out in front of this so that something like this does not happen, and something like this remains in the lab and something like this remains the stuff of science fiction.”


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