Don’t Leave Home Without It (You and Your Health)

Keys, wallet, purse, and phone are a few of the essentials most of us try to bring whenever we leave the house. Ever think of adding a defibrillator to the list? Read on…..

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both Arizona and across our nation. Nearly one-in-four deaths in Arizona is blamed on heart disease. Much of our solution must be about a healthier lifestyle to reduce risk. Some of the keys include exercise, better eating habits, and finding a way to stop smoking. Additionally, there are other medical prevention approaches that can reduce death rates and medical emergencies

But let’s face it – no matter how much we do and how hard we try, the threat of cardiac arrest will still be with us. According to a new report from the Institute of Medicine – 1,600 Americans a day will experience a heart stoppage, and most of these occur outside of a hospital. Yet, only 3-in every-100 Americans receives cardiopulmonary resuscitation training annually. Time for us to be better prepared for the potential that cardiac arrest could happen to us, our family, or our friends and that it could happen far from our medical care providers.

Fortunately, the report includes some ideas in this regard – or you can buy your own defibrillator and add it to the list of things you don’t leave home without! 


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