Would You Like Fruits And Veggies Or Fries? (Climate of Health)

Interesting article in the Wall Street Journal titled, “How The Health-Care System Can Encourage Healthy Eating.” There are some alarming statistics in the story, particularly one that comes from a national survey that indicates only 13% of adults said they ate the recommended amount of fruit each day. And only 9% had enough vegetables.

From the WSJ report, “Our diet is filled with processed foods high in saturated fat, salt and sugars, with low intakes of whole grains, vegetables and fruits. As a result, researchers estimate that 14% of all U.S. deaths can be attributed to poor diet, with an economic impact of $71 billion a year in medical expenses and lost productivity.”

The article also points out that these outcomes hit low income families particularly hard. Many cannot afford the healthier foods and many more live in areas where fresh fruits and vegetables are hard to find. According to a report on the Arizona State University website, more than 700,000 Arizona residents live in one of these so called “food deserts.

This is another issue we must aggressively address in order to one day reach our goal of making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation! Let us know how you think we can encourage people to put down the fast food and pick up more fruits and veggies.

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