The Right People Caring At The Right Time (Preserve & Protect)

Arizona is known for its high percentage of seniors, with many part-time resident “snow birds” also spending time here during the winter. While this can be a helpful economic boost for local businesses, it also means that it’s important to have quality health care options and senior care facilities in our state. There is a much greater amount of money spent on health care for seniors than for those between the ages of 19-64 and protecting this population with healthy regulations and quality care should be a priority for our state.

One way Arizona has gone about improving health care conditions for seniors was a law passed in the latest session of the State Legislature. According to the Arizona Daily Star, “…the law requires nonmedical in-home caregiver agencies to disclose to consumers information about background checks, training, cost of services and hiring and firing policies on an annual basis.”

Caregiving and the quality of caregivers is an aspect of health care that might not get as many headlines as other parts, but it’s crucial for our senior citizens who depend on quality caregiving. By increasing transparency and making it easier to find great caregivers, this law takes a good first step for improving the lives of Arizona seniors.

Do you have any experience with caregiving for seniors? What more do you think Arizona can do to improve the quality of caregiving in our state? How important is caregiving to making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation?

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