Uber for Health Care (Limitless Possibilities)

Need a ride? A lot of people call Uber. But are they willing to do the same thing when they need a doctor?

The Wall Street Journal just published a story titled, “Startups Vie To Build An Uber For Health Care.” To give you an idea of how this would work…..the Journal wrote about a company in California called “Heal” that promises to get a doctor to your doorstep for $99. Other organizations are doing the same thing in other states.

From the WSJ article: “Heal is one of several startups putting a high-tech spin on old-fashioned house calls—or “in-person visits,” since they can take place anywhere. The services provide a range of nonemergency medical care—from giving flu shots to treating strep throats and stitching lacerations—much like a mobile urgent-care clinic.”

In another article in US News and World Report titled, “Uberize the US Health Care System,” the authors believe the Uber model could change the face of health care saying – “The same model of applying readily available technology and organizational tools could well be adapted to fundamentally transform our country’s expensive and inefficient health care system.”

Telehealth is receiving a lot of attention these days. Is it a fad or is it the future? Let us know what you think.

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