Better Health Through Virtual Reality (Limitless Possibilities)

When you hear Virtual Reality (VR), many people think about video games. But Virtual Reality is also making a splash in the world of health and health care.

‘The Daily Beast’ ran a recent story titled, “Virtual Reality’s Very Real Place In Medical Care.” From the article:

Imagine this: A burn patient winces with pain as a nurse attempts to delicately change her bandages. Lying stiffly, the patient gently puts on a pair of virtual reality goggles, entering a world of steep icy canyons crawling with arctic creatures. There, she can throw snowballs at penguins, hide out in igloos, or simply gaze around the cold blue world—anything to distract her from the burning sensations shooting through her body. After some time, she’ll become immersed in a virtual land called SnowWorld.  SnowWorld is used as a method to distract burn patients from excessive pain during wound care.

Virtual Reality is also being used by some hospitals to train doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. Fortune Magazine explains the approach in a recent article titled, “Here’s Why Hospitals Are Using Virtual Reality To Train Staff.” The story points out that Virtual Reality allows medical professionals to practice procedures that, for many years, could only be practiced on a live person.

Other recent stories on Virtual Reality and health include one that suggests that Virtual Reality may soon revolutionize cardiac care and another that claims a form of Virtual Reality therapy might help treat alcohol addiction.

In case you are wondering what Virtual Reality is…..Time Magazine put together a short video to explain. Take a look and let us know if you think Virtual Reality can help drive better health….and better care.


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