This Needle Can Help You Through Surgery (You & Your Health)

Whether you like the Beatles, the Beegees, or the Boss….dropping the needle on your favorite albums can help you recover from surgery. An analysis that pulled together years of studies on music’s effects on pain and anxiety was recently published  in The Lancet.

From the New York Times:

Surgical patients who listen to music — even while they are under general anesthesia — have less anxiety and need less pain medication during recovery than those who do not, a large review of studies has found.

“If you like music and find it calming, it might help a lot,” said the senior author, Catherine Meads, a reader in health technology assessment at Brunel University in London. “It might be that hospitals would want to tell patients that they can listen to music before the operation.”

If you’d rather listen to a story, NPR has one titled, “Sutures With A Soundtrack

Is this a new idea? Not exactly. According to Tech Times – “The idea that music assists in healing was first suggested in the modern age in 1914, in the days of Florence Nightingale.”

Researchers want hospitals to suggest that patients bring music devices and playlists into the hospital with them. Oh – and your taste in music doesn’t seem to matter. Patients seemed to benefit no matter what type of music they heard.

So if you’re facing surgery – break out those guilty pleasures, throw on some headphones and tell your doc….”Let’s Get It On!”



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