Sobering Study On Marriage And Drinking (Limitless Possibilities)

Tying the knot may curb the urge to tie one on. That, according to a recent University of Missouri study that used data from an ongoing study of familial alcohol disorders by the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University.  

In combing through the ASU data, Mizzou researchers found evidence that marriage appears to lower drinking rates among young adults…..even among people with severe drinking problems. From CTV News:

“Confirming our prediction, we found that marriage not only led to reductions in heavy drinking in general, this effect was much stronger for those who were severe problem drinkers before getting married,” says Matthew Lee of the University of Missouri. “We believe that greater problem drinking likely conflicts more with the demands of roles like marriage,” says Lee. “Thus, more severe problem drinkers are likely required to more substantially alter their drinking habits to adapt to the marital role.”

Although the study found a link between marriage and reduced drinking, researchers believe more information is needed to dig deeper into how marriage reduces people’s drinking. Getting a better understanding of that could lead to new ways of treating alcohol use disorders.

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