Dying To Watch More TV? (Climate of Health)

Too much tv isn’t just bad for you….it could kill you. That, according to a new report that claims watching more than five hours of television could lead to pulmonary embolisms, or fatal blood clots.

Researchers from Osaka University who studied 86,000 people over 18 years, said TV viewers should make an effort to stand up occasionally and drink water to avoid the potentially deadly blood clots.

From the New York Daily News:

“Leg immobility during television viewing may in part explain the finding,” said Tory Shirakawa, public health research fellow in the Department of Social Medicine, at a meeting in London. “To prevent the occurrence of pulmonary embolism, we recommend the same preventive behavior used against economy class syndrome. That is, take a break, stand up and walk around during the television viewing.”

If you are an avid tv watcher, this new research could give you something to think about; particularly if you enjoy “binge watching” entire seasons of your favorite show when it is first released on Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming services.

In the UK’s ‘Daily Mail’ – Professor Jeremy Pearson, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation, said: “While we wouldn’t advocate a public health warning for watching television, people who spend many hours in front of the TV should consider how this might be impacting their heart health.”

Let us know what you think about this new study. Is tv taking too much blame or do you think the warning is long overdue?

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