Survey Shows The Importance Of Mental Health (Limitless Possibilities)

Most Americans believe mental health is important, but also believe it’s expensive and that mental health care is hard to find. That’s according to a recent survey that claims 90 percent of us put as much value on mental health as we do on physical health.

According to a story on – today’s young people aren’t buying into many of the old stigmas that were connected to mental health care.

People ages 18 to 24 are becoming more comfortable with seeking medical help and are more likely to consider it a sign of strength to see a medical health professional, compared with older people.”

Forbes Magazine used this survey to springboard into a conversation about what each of the 2016 Presidential candidates has to say about mental health. Check out the article if you want to see how your favorite candidate views this issue. The following is from the article:

The take-home? Candidates rarely bring up mental health as part of their issues statements. When they do, what they say falls very clearly along party lines. Republican candidates who do address the issue tend to do so in the context of veterans affairs or to recommend institutionalizing certain mentally ill people rather than focusing on gun control. Democratic candidates who bring up mental health tend to do so in the context of reducing the flow in the prison pipeline and addressing substance use disorders. In other words and not surprisingly, mental health gets a mention where it seems to be politically expedient.”

US News and World report weighed in with an article titled, “America Wakes Up To Mental Health.” Clearly, this is an issue that touches nearly everyone either directly or indirectly. What do you think we can do here in Arizona to help people better understand mental health issues and mental health care? Finding solutions to this critical health issue will take us one step closer to our vision of making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!

One thought on “Survey Shows The Importance Of Mental Health (Limitless Possibilities)

  1. It is encouraging to read there is increased awareness of this important health need. Enhanced access and payer coverage may assist with utilization of this specialty. Additionally, increased utilization of effective tools to assess need, promote wellness would be beneficial. Lastly, early intervention with a variety of treatment options, medical and complimentary interventions, would be beneficial.


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