Post Summer Blues (Climate of Health)

Labor Day has come and gone. For many, that signals the end of summer. And now – the post-summer bummer begins.

A recent survey by the travel website ‘Momondo’ found that 58 percent of us find it difficult to return to work after a summer vacation of a week or more. Almost 40 percent say they feel depressed when they return home.

From Yahoo Travel:

“Did you have an amazing Labor Day weekend? Feeling a little low at the realization that summer is pretty much over? Welcome to the club.

What you’re feeling is the post-vacation blues, and thanks to a new survey from the travel search site momondo, we know that it’s an epidemic that is likely affecting millions of Americans who spent the last long weekend boating, barbecuing, relaxing, and drinking.”

The Huffington Post offers 7 tips to help you shake the post summer blues. The tips include planning a new trip which can help some people settle back into the daily routine. Reader’s Digest offers a few tips too, and one of them is to try a ‘staycation.’ Check that out if you don’t know what it is.

Of course, with temperatures expected to top 100 degrees this weekend……it may be hard for many Arizonans to believe summer is really over!

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