Committed To Population Health (Limitless Possibilities)

More than nine out of every ten hospitals are committed to population health. That comes from a recent survey by the American Hospital Association’s Health Research & Educational Trust and the Association for Community Health Improvement.

More than 1,400 hospitals took part in the survey including large, medium, and small hospitals in both urban and rural areas from every corner of the country. Among the key findings:

  • Over 90% of hospitals agreed or strongly agreed that population health was aligned with their mission.
  • 85% of hospitals reported strong or total commitment to population health or have population health in their vision statement.
  • Hospitals are almost as likely to consider their “population” to be the patients that utilize their health system (70%) or their geographic service area (69%).
  • 87% of hospitals reported having some degree of working relationship with other local hospitals.
  • The most common partnerships were with public health departments, chambers of commerce, health insurance companies and FQHCs/community clinics.
  • An outside resource (e.g., consultant) was involved in 50% of Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs).
  • 23% of hospitals partnered with an outside organization (e.g., other hospital, public health department) for the CHNA.

The self-assessment allowed hospitals to rank their commitment to population health from no commitment to total commitment. We’d like to encourage you to share your thoughts on the survey, on population health, and on how important you think this issue is in communities, big and small, across our state!


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