Women’s Health In Rural Arizona (Climate of Health)

Interesting story in the Arizona Sonora News titled, “Health Care Not Easy For AZ Rural Women.” The report focuses on some of the major challenges women in our state face when they need health care and they don’t live in a densely populated area.

From the story:

The issue is one of access – economic and geographical – and one of comprehensive health care, according to Leah Meyers, director of the Arizona Rural Women’s Health NetworkComprehensive health care necessitates service that meets the needs of women from check-ups to childbirth, and beyond. “I’ve heard so many stories from many women in rural communities who say that it’s one thing to have to get their regular check-ups, but when they’re ready to deliver their baby many times they can’t necessarily stay in their small rural communities,” Meyers said.”

The article also included the rural health facts infographic below.


This is just the latest in a series of recent stories on the health care obstacles facing people who live in rural Arizona. Cochise Regional Hospital recently shut down forcing the people who live there to drive at least 20 more miles to access care. And it’s not just Arizona. Nationwide, 57 rural facilities have closed their doors in the last five years and according to a story in Fierce Health Finance, nearly 300 more are in danger of closing.

What can we do to help people in rural Arizona get better access to their health and wellness needs? Share your thoughts and we will continue to highlights these types of stories in our ongoing effort to one day make Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!

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