Is Anybody Here A Nurse? (Limitless Possibilities)

A recent headline in the Arizona Capitol Times read, “A Coming Storm: Arizona’s Nursing Shortage.” According to the story – 16 states are not going to have an adequate supply of nurses by the year 2025 and Arizona’s shortage is expected to be the largest in the nation.

From the Times article:

Robin Schaeffer, the executive director of the Arizona Nurses Association, calls this coming deficit a “Silver Tsunami,” referencing the greying hair of retiring nurses, the patients for which they care and the devastating effect of their absence. Behind the scary title is the very real fact that approximately one-third of the nursing population will approach retirement within the next decade.

KTVK-TV ran a story on how Arizona State University and a Valley hospital are both developing programs to try to ease the nursing shortage. You can watch the video by clicking below.


A USA Today article says that demand for nurses is now at a 20 year high. Meanwhile….Fierce Health Finance wrote about many hospitals offering nurses signing and retention bonuses to join and stay at their organizations.

The bonuses, a common practice to entice physicians, were popular in Arizona in the 1970s during the last major nursing shortage. So hospitals in the state are trying it again, offering experienced nurses from out-of-state an extra $10,000 to join their teams.

Our vision of making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation will be more difficult – if we cannot find a way to head off this nursing shortage. Share your thoughts on whether some of the ideas already in place will help or if more is needed.

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