30 Minutes Is Not Enough? (You & Your Health)

If you think that 30 minute workout you just finished is all you need for the day – you better think again! A new report in the journal Circulation suggests you need to double or quadruple that to really see heart health benefits.

From The Washington Post:

They found that those following the 30-minutes-a-day guidelines issued by the American Heart Association had “modest reductions” in heart failure risk compared to those who did not work out at all. But those who exercised twice and four times as much had “a substantial risk reduction” of 20 percent and 35 percent, respectively.

The findings challenge the notion of a 30-minutes-a-day magic number for exercise. Instead, research found that physical activity and heart failure may be what they called “dose dependent,” meaning that higher levels of physical activity appeared to be linked to a lower risk of heart failure. That association appeared to hold across age groups, gender and race.

This news may frustrate some folks who thought they were really helping themselves by carving 30 minutes out of their busy day to exercise. Here are a few of the responses we found on the Washington Post Twitter page:

“That’s pretty hard to get in 1 hour or 2 hours of exercise during a work week with modern schedules and traffic.”

“And just like that, millions say, ‘Screw it. Why even try?'”

“If 30 minutes works for a person, I don’t see the problem. 30 minutes is too much if u ask me. Lol”

Tell us what you think. Are you worried this will discourage people from working out at all or will it encourage people to set aside more time to exercise? This is an important question for us since physical activity is one of the cornerstones of our vision to make Arizona the Healthiest State on the Nation!

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