New Machine Promises To Melt Away Fat (Limitless Possibilities)

Are you frustrated by all the hours you spend at the gym without seeing the results you want?  Well….you might be interested in a new machine that some people claim will quickly and painlessly melt away the fat.

Too good to be true? Check out the video below from KVOA-TV in Tucson.


Vanquish fat removal uses radio waves to “target fat cells, heating them up enough to kill those cells without damaging skin or muscle.” According to a story on KING 5 Health Link:

“The fat cells explode and are processed in the body and eventually are excreted when the patient uses the bathroom,” explained Dr. Manish Champaneria.

Published reports say after several treatments people can expect to lose 2-4 inches off their waist line. The cost of those treatments can be up to $3,000.

The FDA approved deep tissue heating in 2013 and just this summer approved the use of it for reducing fat.

Let us know what you think….is this new concept promising, or is it promising more than it can deliver?



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