“Is There A Doctor In The App?” (Limitless Possibilities)

Whether it’s by word of mouth, through a health care provider, or eeny, meeny, miny, moe……everyone has their own way of choosing a doctor. You can now add the new online service “Amino” to the mix.

Amino collects health data on nearly every practicing doctor in the country and also identifies (through what is billed and what is paid for) the treatment of more than 188 million people. Boiled down – it’s a crowd sourcing resource for health information.

From Time Magazine:

After de-identifying personal details, Amino spits out information that can help people choose a doctor with more precision. Ask the app for a breast cancer doctor in your area, for example, and it will provide you with a list from which you can drill deeper to find out how many mammogram screenings they do, how many biopsies they perform based on those screenings and how many operations like mastectomy or lumpectomy they perform. If you have a less common condition, Amino can help find nearby doctors who have treated similar patients.

In a news release, the company’s CEO and co-founder Dave Vivero said, “Health care is an essential part of our society, yet the process is not oriented around those who matter most — the people getting care. Every day, we make important decisions that drastically affect our lives without enough information to feel confident. Amino’s mission is to change this, giving everyone access to never-before-seen data and insights to become more informed and take charge of their health care.”

So where exactly does Amino get its data? According to a story in Tech crunch the platform was built through a series of partnerships with insurance companies, employers, health IT companies, and large health care providers. Through those partnerships, Amino has gathered data from 3.9 billion unique health insurance claims.

What do you think about using an online app designed to help you choose your doctor? Share your thoughts on whether this new approach can change the way we think about health and health care in Arizona.

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