Better Together (Limitless Possibilities)

The belief that we are “Better Together” was at the heart of the Arizona Hospital and Health and Healthcare Association’s Annual Membership Meeting in Marana last week. Anyone who was there would likely tell you that health in our state took a big step forward thanks to the efforts of the attendees. They literally lit up the mountain with dialogue on how hospitals and others can work together to improve health for the people of Arizona!


The theme of the conference was Healthy Communities, and the agenda covered the breadth of topics that make up the social determinants of health.  From talks on food and transportation policy, to how to foster improved end of life conversations and choices.  From increasing access to care through coverage to helping patients maintain local options for their health care.  

Much of the conference explored how to advance health care consumerism in Arizona.  Sessions explored some of the innovative products and services in Arizona markets and how hospitals and health systems could respond and develop their own innovative solutions moving forward.

Why all of this focus on health?  For one, attendees learned that Arizonans see it as something they should be talking about.  Ryan Donohue was a keynote speaker who provided extensive data on the views of people about health care, nationally and with some Arizona data.  One finding- more than 40% of Americans and Arizonans see “health” as the responsibility of hospitals.  The next closest answer: “not sure”.  What that tells us is that notwithstanding the governmental role in health through state and local public health departments, the expectation of people is that hospitals should be leading the conversation and effort about how to improve their health.

AzHHA and its attendees look at this as an opportunity.  Let us know what you think?

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