Welcome to Movember (Limitless Possibilities)

Don’t be surprised if someone you know is growing a moustache this month. After all….it is Movember.

Movember started back in 2003 as a way to raise both awareness and money for men’s health – particularly prostate and testicular cancer. It has grown to become an international movement that has helped raise $650 million dollars and fund more than 1,000 programs.

The premise is simple…..men are asked to stop shaving in November and to use their facial hair as a conversation starter about mens’ health issues. This year – Movember is also focusing on mental health issues and physical (in)activity.

Movember co-founder Adam Garone is quoted on aol.com as saying:

“Prostate cancer is the male equivalent of breast cancer, in terms of the number of men that die from it and are diagnosed with it. But there was nothing for this cause. So we married growing a mustache with prostate cancer.”

Pictures of celebrities with moustaches are all over the internet, but a Texas TV station wanted to see if Movember is really helping men open up about their health. You can watch that story by clicking on the video below.


Women are encouraged to participate in the campaign by fundraising, raising awareness about key health issues and encouraging men in their lives to be physically active.

Getting people more involved in their own health (even if that means growing a moustache!) is critical to our goal of one day making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation. So, put down that razor and celebrate Movember!


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