Look Who’s Number 1! (Limitless Possibilites)

Arizona will lead the country in job growth over the next three years. Number one…..the top dog! That is from a recent story in Forbes Magazine.

From the article:

Arizona has emerged from the wreckage to be one of the brighter spots in a slumbering U.S. economy thanks in part to renewed migration. Arizona’s projected job growth is 3.1% annually though 2019, best in the U.S., according to forecasts from Moody’s Analytics.

Cronkite News put together a video about Arizona securing the top spot saying our state has become a “landing spot for expanding businesses because of its skilled workforce, available real estate and diversified economy.” Click here or below to watch the story.


Azcentral.com points out that this number one ranking does come with “caveats.”

But the Forbes article and (Arizona State University economics professor Lee) McPheters warn that forecasts can change quickly. For example, a blow to a major industry such as tourism in Arizona could significantly change the state’s prospects, as could competition from other states.

While the article also quotes McPheters as saying, “it’s really not likely that we’re going to be the top growth state in 2016,” he agrees that Arizona’s job growth future looks bright.

“There aren’t a whole lot of obstacles in Arizona,” McPheters said. “The opportunities outweigh the obstacles significantly.”

A state’s unemployment rate is one of the supplemental measures used in the annual “America’s Health Rankings.” Arizona ranked 40th in that measure last year. Hopefully, this projected job growth will help our state lower its unemployment rate, which will in turn drive our overall state ranking up from the 29th spot we held last year. And every step we take to improve our ranking takes us one step closer to our goal of one day making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!

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