Arizona’s Fight Against Alzheimer’s (Limitless Possibilities)

It is a powerful partnership built to improve health and health care in our state and across the country. Arizona State University (ASU) and the Mayo Clinic are teaming up to find innovative solutions to a number of health issues – with a particular emphasis on battling Alzheimer’s disease.

From The State Press:

Although researchers in the program are seeking answers for problems related to Parkinson’s, heart failure and other health issues….Alzheimer’s disease is one of the largest targets of the coming year’s research.  5.3 million Americans have the disease, and it is the sixth leading cause of death in the country.

James Fitzpatrick, Alzheimer’s Association director of programs & advocacy, said the disease particularly affects Arizona. “Almost everyone in our state has a relative who has it,” he said. “Arizona is projected to have the largest growth rate of Alzheimer’s, next to Alaska.”

The infographic below, with information on Alzheimer’s disease in Arizona, is from


A recent ASU news release speaks to why the university and the Mayo Clinic have come together to develop new programs to fight Alzheimer’s and other serious health issues.

The collaborations draw from the major strengths of each organization — ASU’s recognized leadership in research and its advanced programs in engineering, health-care delivery, and biotechnology, and Mayo’s extensive clinical experience, medical education programs and its vertical integration of research spanning basic science, laboratory-based clinical investigation, clinical trials and population sciences.

It is encouraging that so much research and work to find new solutions to some of today’s biggest health problems is being done right here in Arizona. We believe that working together, as ASU and the Mayo Clinic are now doing, is key to helping us reach our vision of making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!

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