Another Middle Of The Pack Health Ranking (Limitless Possibilities)

We recently told you about a Commonwealth Fund report that ranked Arizona as the 33rd healthiest state in the nation. Well – another health report card just came out…..this one from America’s Health Rankings and Arizona is ranked slightly higher at number 30.

The report listed Arizona’s strengths as:

  • Low rate of cancer deaths
  • Low rate of preventable hospitalizations
  • Low rate of cardiovascular deaths

…..and the challenges were:

  • Low per capita public health funding
  • High percentage of children in poverty
  • Low rate of high school graduation

Click here or on the infographic below for a more in-depth look at our state’s rank in the individual measures that make up the annual United Health Foundation report.


30 is a long way from number 1, but we remain steadfast in our resolve to pursue solutions that will help us one day reach our vision of making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation! We have some ideas that we’ll be telling you about in the coming weeks, but we want to hear your ideas as well. Working together is one of the keys to driving big change and driving Arizona to the top of the national health rankings!

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