Are Healthy Foods Fueling Obesity? (You & Your Health)

Good for you doesn’t mean you’re good to eat as much as you want. That’s the bottom line of a new study that suggests healthy food labels could lead people to overeat.

From NewsMax Health:

People often overeat food when it is considered to be ‘healthy,’ as they think it is going to be less filling. The results (of the study) showed that when a food is portrayed as healthy participants order larger portions of the food, eat a larger quantity of the food, and report lower hunger levels after eating.

According to a story on CTV News, “researchers also found that when a food is portrayed as healthy on the packaging label, it has an effect on the consumer’s judgment and behavior, with the findings suggesting that healthy food labels may actually be contributing to rising levels of obesity rather than reducing them.”

Below is an infographic based on the study titled “The Behavioral Science Of Eating.”


Share your thoughts on the study and whether you think healthy food labels are contributing to our obesity problem. Finding collaborative solutions to this and other key health issues is at the heart of our vision to one day make Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!





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