A Healthy Outlook For Health Jobs

If one of your resolutions this year is to find a new career, you might want to take a look at jobs in health and healthcare. A recent story in the Phoenix Business Journal paints a rosy future for health care careers in our state.

From the article:

By the end of next year, DOA (Arizona’s Department of Administration) expects the number of health care and services workers will increase by nearly 30,000 over the employment base in 2014.

The good news doesn’t stop there. A report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a dramatic increase in health related jobs over the next 10 years. During that time, a workforce increase of roughly 20 percent is expected.

The health care market is now poised to become one of the key areas of job growth in our state. For example, we recently told you how, in Tucson, health care is expected to lead job growth in 2015 and 2016. In addition, Phoenix was named the top city in the nation for people looking for a job in the health care industry last year.

It is encouraging to see so many health related career opportunities opening up in our state. And with more people now able to access health care, combined with an aging baby boomer population, health care jobs in Arizona are expected to be plentiful for the foreseeable future. Economic development and job growth in Arizona play important roles in our goal of one day making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!



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