The Battle Over Drug Prices Rages On

Not sure it qualifies as a true “resolution,” but lowering prescription drug prices is probably on a lot of wish lists this year. A recent National Public Radio story claims the ongoing fight to lower prescription prices has left some consumers caught in the crossfire. How?? The fight is forcing some people to switch their medications. From the web article:

Express Scripts and its rivals including CVS/Caremark and OptumRX manage prescription drug coverage for insurers and employers. They’re trying to spark price wars among drug makers by refusing to pay for some brand-name medications unless they get a big discount.

The result is that average costs for many drugs are falling. At the same time, consumers are being forced to change medications, sometimes to brands that don’t work as well for them.

On a separate front, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is proposing to cap the prices of some drugs. writes:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has become the latest entrant in the escalating war over rising drug prices with a budget provision that would effectively cap prices and require drug makers to provide a raft of information about their costs. The proposal marks yet another high-profile attempt to force the pharmaceutical industry to respond to the intensifying clamor over the cost of medicines.

Congress subpoenaed former pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli to testify at a hearing on drug prices that was scheduled for tomorrow. However, it appears the recent northeast snowstorm led lawmakers to postpone that hearing. Shkreli has threatened to be a no-show.

The fight over drug prices will clearly be a hot button topic throughout the new year. Let us know how you think we can best serve the most important people in this battle….the folks who count on these medications to lead healthier lives. Your input will help us with our own resolution… make Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!



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