Something To Chew On

There’s a new kind of food fight brewing inside school cafeterias. This one has nothing to do with tossing food….this is about new school lunch rules.

A Senate committee has agreed to revise healthier meal standards put into place over the last few years and championed by first lady Michelle Obama. The change would give schools more flexibility in what they serve kids by easing requirements on the lunch line.

From the Washington Times:

School meals could become a bit tastier under legislation approved by a Senate committee. The bipartisan measure approved by a voice vote Wednesday is designed to help schools that say the Obama administration’s healthier meal rules are too restrictive.

School lunch directors who have lobbied against the standards endorsed the deal, saying it would help them plan meals that are more appealing to students. 

According to NBC News, the bill would “scale back the whole grain standards to require that 80 percent of grains on the lunch line must be whole grain rich, or more than half whole grain. Currently, all grains are required to be whole grain rich, though some schools are now allowed to get waivers from that requirement.”

Some schools have complained that the whole grain rules are too tough. For example, nutrition directors at those schools might argue that whole grain pasta is harder to cook and some kids don’t like it as much. In fact, published reports suggest a number of schools in the Southwest claim their students will not eat whole grain tortillas.

Share your thoughts on the new school lunch rules. Do you think this compromise allows Arizona children to enjoy lunch while still keeping it healthy? We remain committed to working with our partners to find solutions to tough health questions, and believe these conversations will help us reach our goal of making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!


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