Loves Me, Loves Me Not….

Contrary to what some people may think, most Americans do not hate their health insurance. According to a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll, nearly 3-out-of-4 non-elderly adults (with coverage) say they believe their insurance is worth the amount it costs. More than 60 percent rate their health plan as either an “excellent” or “good” value.


Despite the overall satisfaction, the poll found there are still major concerns. From the Los Angeles Times:

“While the public remains deeply divided over the (Affordable Care Act) law, particularly along partisan lines, Americans increasingly point to pocketbook concerns including drug prices and surprise medical bills as issues they want elected officials to tackle.”

On the flip side, those without health insurance tell a very different story. According to, “The poll found that the uninsured are considerably less satisfied with the value of their healthcare services, with only 34 percent rating them as a good or excellent value for what they pay. Fifty-seven percent of those without coverage also are unaware of the Jan. 31 deadline to enroll in a health plan, and even though only 1 percent knew the correct fine amount for avoiding coverage, 47 percent said they expect to pay such a penalty for being uninsured.”

Another interesting note – the poll suggests that the health law is not a high priority among voters. The Washington Post writes, “Voters overall are more focused on issues like the Middle East and gun control, and even those who lack health insurance and could stand to benefit from the Affordable Care Act are “largely disengaged” from the enrollment process.”


Take a look at the polls and let us know what you think. Understanding people’s health and health care needs is deeply tied to our commitment to one day reach our goal of making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!

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