This Report Carries Weight

A little bit goes a long way. That’s the word from a new report that suggests a small weight loss can lead to a big health gain.

From Science World Report:

The findings showed that dropping just five percent of body weight – even if it was barely noticeable on the outside – was enough to reduce the risk of both diabetes and heart disease. Furthermore, it helped improve insulin sensitivity in fat, liver and muscle tissue.

Forbes Magazine quoted the study’s author, Samuel Klein, as saying – “These results demonstrate you get a large bang for your buck with a 5% weight loss.The story went on to say that the research “suggests that the recommendation of losing 5-10% of one’s body weight, which certain health associations advise, may not be necessary. To start out, 5% may be enough.”

While the report points out that people who lost 10 percent or more of their body weight saw continued improvements in some areas, the initial five percent seemed to generate the biggest health benefits. CBS News broke down what losing five percent of one’s body weight means in practical terms.

How long will it take to drop five percent of body weight if you’re obese? About three to four months, (the study’s author Samuel) Klein said. In a 200-pound person, for example, five percent of body weight equals 10 pounds.

Researchers also stressed, this is not about a cosmetic change. This is about a health change.

Share your thoughts on this new study. If five percent weight loss is a more realistic goal,  do you think more people will be willing to try to shed those extra pounds? The more we lose, the more we gain (in health!)….and the more we gain, the closer we get to our goal of one day making Arizona the Healthiest Stat in the Nation!

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