World Health Day

Every year, the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates World Health Day on April 7th, which is tomorrow. This year’s focus is on diabetes prevention and management.

From ABC15 in Phoenix:

“The World Health Organization says excessive weight, obesity, aging and population growth drove a nearly four-fold increase in worldwide cases of diabetes over the last quarter-century, affecting 422 million people in 2014.

The U.N. health agency is calling for stepped-up measures to reduce risk factors for diabetes and improve treatment and care.”

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) says there are about 700,000 people living in Arizona with diabetes. More alarming, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) – many of them are unaware that they even have it.

About one third of people with diabetes in Arizona do not know that they have diabetes. About 25% are at high risk for developing diabetes and have pre-diabetes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists the following as risk factors which increase the likelihood of developing diabetes:

  • Being overweight or obese.
  • Having a parent, brother, or sister with diabetes.
  • Being African American, American Indian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, or Hispanic American/Latino heritage.
  • Having a prior history of gestational diabetes or birth of at least one baby weighing more than 9 pounds.
  • Having high blood pressure measuring 140/90 or higher.
  • Having abnormal cholesterol with HDL (“good”) cholesterol is 35 or lower, or triglyceride level is 250 or higher.
  • Being physically inactive—exercising fewer than three times a week.

The ADA also offers a diabetes risk test that you can take online by clicking here.

It is staggering to think that a new report shows the number of people with diabetes has quadrupled over the past 35 years. Now, we need to figure out it how we can stem that tide and turn around the numbers. Share your thoughts on how we can do that. Think of it is your World Health Day gift! You can also think of it as a way to help us take another step toward our goal of one day making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!

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