Hot, Hotter, Hottest

When a hurricane hits the east coast – it makes national headlines. When the Pacific Northwest gets three straight days in the 80’s and 90’s – it’s a heat wave. A heat wave? Really? Right now, the 80’s and 90’s are our overnight lows!

Temperatures in many parts of Arizona have hit 100 to 115 degrees for the past week shattering heat records. Channel 12 in Phoenix put together a video over the weekend talking about our triple digit temps. Click here or on the picture below to watch it.


According to the Arizona Republic, a cooling trend is on the way……if you can call it that!

“Things will cool gradually as a weak system moves in from the Pacific and hovers over Arizona starting Tuesday afternoon, said NWS Meteorologist Hector Vasquez

Expect a high of 108 Tuesday with a low of 79 and winds gusting up to 15 mph. Wednesday will be much of the same.

Thursday will bring a high of 105 and low of 80 degrees. By Friday, the heat will subside to 104 degrees and a low of 77 with winds gusting up to 20 mph. Expect a high of 103 Saturday.”

So, between now and the weekend…..the highs are expected to be 108, 108, 105, 104, and 103. Some cooling trend! The Maricopa County Department of Public Health put together a list of tips to help people and pets beat the sweltering heat. You can find them by clicking here.

As the Daily Miner in Kingman recently reminded its readers, “Regardless of how acclimated to summertime weather in Arizona you think you might be, heat can be a nasty beast if you’re not prepared.”

So drink plenty of water, stay out of the sun as much as you can during the heat of the day, use plenty of sunscreen, and never leave your pets of other loved ones in the car while you “run into the store” to grab something. And remember…..cooler temperatures are on the way!



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