A Pill Made of…..Chocolate?

It sounds like something out of a Willy Wonka fantasy. A chocolate pill to cure what ails you! Does it sound too good to be true? Well, in some ways – it is. Read on.

From National Public Radio (NPR):

Researchers are recruiting volunteers to participate in a four-year study trial of cocoa extract. They’re looking for men aged 60 and older and women aged 65 and older.

Half of the participants will take the cocoa extract capsules — which, alas, won’t taste like chocolate. The capsules will contain about as much extract as you’d get from eating about 1,000 calories of dark chocolate.

The other half of the participants will take a placebo. None of the participants in the study will know whether they’re being given the real thing or the dummy pill.

Won’t taste like chocolate? Are you kidding?  If you visit the Women’s Health Initiative website, where you can learn more about how they are securing volunteers, you will see a list of what people can expect during the trial.

  • Eligible women who consent will be assigned at random to one of these four COSMOS intervention groups:
    Cocoa Extract +
    Placebo +
    Cocoa extract +
    Double Placebos
  • Participants will not be told their COSMOS intervention group assignment.
  • Participants will take the COSMOS study pills for 4 years.
  • The COSMOS study pills with cocoa extract will not taste like chocolate.
  • The COSMOS study pills with multivitamins will be similar to commonly available multivitamin supplements.

Oh well, according to a story in BastingNews.com, “Over time, the study will determine whether cocoa in chocolate will reduce risks of heart attacks, strokes, and other related illnesses. If the results are positive and turn out the way researchers are expecting, consumers of dark chocolate might be able to purchase a supply from the supplement aisle as well as from the candy section in their local grocery store. Also, it will eliminate a lot of guilt when swallowing a capsule instead of eating an ounce of chocolate.”

This research is sure to generate a lot of attention and don’t be surprised if someone figures out how to make those pills taste a little sweeter! Let us know what you think and whether you believe a chocolate pill may one day play a role, not only in our health but in our long-term goal of making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!

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