Money and Your Health

Recessions are a bear, no doubt about it. Now, a new study suggests the recent “Great Recession” wasn’t just tough on family budgets, it was harmful to peoples’ health….particularly their mental health.

From CBS News:

To the long list of problems stemming from the great recession – rising unemployment, homelessness, and poverty – researchers say we can also add physical and mental health issues.

The review, published in The BMJ, included a total of 41 studies, the majority of which focused on Spain and Greece – two countries whose economies were especially hard hit.

The studies showed that the economic crisis did have a negative impact on health for people in these countries, particularly when it came to suicide rates and mental health.

A published report out of the UK claimed, “The mental health of women…..appeared to suffer more than men. There was also evidence that immigrants’ health suffered more than the native citizens of a country.”

According to Science 2.0, “In a linked editorial, researchers at the University of Liverpool, agree that recessions can harm health, but argue that a government’s response can exacerbate the damage. “It is therefore critical to distinguish between the health effects of recessions and the effect of different policy responses to recession,” they write.”

The publication “The Week” added:

The BMJ also warns that some effects might not become evident until the children of the recession reach adulthood.

Although this study focused on outcomes in Europe, the great recession also hit our state pretty hard. Do you believe any of the findings are applicable in Arizona? Share your thoughts and let us know what you have noticed in your community. Generating dialogue around these types of health issues is critical to our long-term goal of one day making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!

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