Trick or Treat!

The ghosts, ghouls, and goblins will be out in force trick or treating tonight. And they will be hoping to coax a few extra goodies out of your Halloween candy bowl! Keeping Halloween safe and fun is a top priority in communities all across our state. listed a number of Halloween safety tips including…

  • Beware of sugar overload. Don’t trick-or-treat on an empty stomach. Make sure your children have a light meal or healthy snack before heading out.
  • Keep an eye out for candy tampering. Always check kids’ candy before letting them eat it. Discard anything that looks discolored or odd, has pinholes or torn wrappers.
  • Avoid allergy triggers. Teach kids with allergies to search for allergens on the ingredients list of any treats they receive. They should never eat home-baked goods.
  • Remove choking hazards. Very young children should not be allowed to have treats that could cause choking, such as gum, peanuts, hard candies or small toys.

Yahoo News put together an interesting story on limiting yourself to 100 calories of candy so you don’t overindulge. Below you can see what 100 calories looks like.


And the Huffington Post wrote, “While so much sugar may seem scarier than a haunted house, you can make Halloween a little less sweet — without being the house on the block that gets egged and TP’d!

Here are my dietitian tricks for a Healthier Halloween:

  • Better Bite-Sized Chocolates
  • Fruit-based Goodies
  • Orange Milk
  • Spooky H20
  • Nutty & Pumpkin-y Bar

As for those pumpkins sitting out on your front porch… lists several ways those pumpkins can be re-purposed rather than simply thrown away.

One of the more interesting ideas is to donate the pumpkin to feed animals. For example – the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, asks people to donate pumpkins to the center for its “Howloween Party” trick-or-treating event.

After the event, workers will give pumpkins to the animals to enjoy.

However you decide to celebrate, we hope you have a happy and healthy Halloween!

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