A New President

Regardless of where you stand politically, the outcome of the Presidential election was astonishing. If you supported Donald Trump – you are ecstatic. If you supported Hillary Clinton – you are crestfallen. Either way, it is hard to deny President-elect Donald Trump did what few of the so-called experts believed he could do.

In the days and months ahead – many of those same experts will dissect the hows and whys, and look at what’s next. But on this day, we thought we should share some of the headlines from across our state, our country and around the world on Mr. Trump’s historic win.

Arizona Republic
In stunner, Donald Trump defeats Hillary Clinton to win White House

Trump rides his movement to vindication and the White House

New York Times
Shocking upset as outsider harnesses voters’ discontent

Washington Post
Clinton urges disappointed backers to give Trump a ‘chance to lead’

London Times
Trump pledges to heal divisions after shock election victory

CTV News
Canadian election watchers stunned by surprising Trump victory

National Public Radio (NPR)
Trump confounds the pros, connects with just the right voters

Fox News
Trump campaign: ‘Undercover’ supporters helped deliver upset victory

If you could send President-elect Trump one message that you believe would help move the health needle in Arizona – what would that message be? Finding ways to come back together and work toward a common goal will be incredibly important if we truly hope to realize our long-term goal of one day making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!

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