Arizona is Hot, Hot, Hot!

flag_of_arizonaIf you get the feeling that more and more people are moving to Arizona……you’re right! A new study is out and Arizona just cracked the top 10 among states where people are choosing to move.


Arizona might be emerging as a hot destination for newcomers, according to a new survey that tracks state-to-state migration patterns.

The annual report by United Van Lines places Arizona as the 10th-highest state for attracting people moving from other states during 2016. Arizona didn’t crack the top 10 in the 2015 survey.

Here is a look at the top 10 list:

  1. South Dakota
  2. Vermont
  3. Oregon
  4. Idaho
  5. South Carolina
  6. Washington
  7. District of Columbia
  8. North Carolina
  9. Nevada
  10. Arizona

According to, “The study showed residents are continuing to flock to the western U.S. (53 percent inbound moves), more than any other region, with states including Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Nevada and Arizona making the list of top inbound states. The South also saw a high number of people moving in with just under 53 percent of moves being inbound.”

Even more impressive is our state’s net relocation ranking which is number 2 behind only Florida. From KPNX-TV:

Whether it’s for a new job, family or a fresh start, many people moved to new states in 2016, and many of them came to the Grand Canyon State.

Arizona had the second-highest net relocation, according to Allied Van Lines Magnet Report.

Texas had held the No. 1 spot for relocation since 2004, but Florida slipped past Texas to the top spot in 2016, with Arizona also beating out the Lone Star State. Florida and Arizona are considered traditional retirement states.

1. Florida – 1,315 net moves
2. Arizona – 1,137
3. Texas – 891
4. North Carolina
5. Utah put together a short video on Arizona’s lofty ranking. You can watch it by clicking here or on the picture below.


KTAR-News Radio added, “Lesli Bertoli, general manager and vice president of Allied Van Lines, said in the report that Arizona, which ranked No. 3 in last year’s report, has been a “strong contender” for the list.”

“Texas has been a powerhouse magnet state for more than a decade, but traditional retirement states of Florida and Arizona are always strong contenders for the list,” Bertoli said. “For the first time in recent history, both Florida and Arizona were able to unseat Texas from its top-spot position.”

Great to hear that so many people find our state so attractive. As more people move in, we have to continue to look for new ways to drive better health on Arizona. Because the healthier we are, the closer we get to our long-term goal of cracking another top 10 list on our way to becoming the Healthiest State in the Nation!

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