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Looking for a new career?  You might want to check out our state’s health care industry. A new report shows that education and health services were number one in Arizona for job growth in 2016.

From Cronkite News/Arizona PBS:

While the professional and business sector brought in the most jobs in December – about 6,700 – education and health services grew the most last year, representing 14,300 of the net 32,000 jobs Arizona gained in 2016.

Sherry Stotler, chief nursing officer for Maricopa Integrated Health System, has worked for the organization for nearly 27 years and said it is always growing.

“We are always hiring,” Stotler said. “You can see things from behavior health nursing all the way to the (operating room) in the hospital out into the clinical areas.”

The infographic below is from the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity’s latest jobs report.


KTAR News in Phoenix recently quoted Lee McPheters, a research professor of economics at Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, who said that health care is the No. 1 industry in Arizona for growth right now in terms of the number of jobs and the quality of jobs.

“The important thing about health care — you have jobs at the lower level where you don’t need a degree at all,” McPheters said.

“There are jobs in the middle level where a two-year degree from community college or a specialized school can give you a very [good] salary,” he said.

Arizona is fifth in the country for the rate of growth for health care jobs, McPheters said.

And then of course some of the highest salaries in the state are medical type jobs or scientific and laboratory jobs,” he said.

And while recently noted that our state saw a slowdown in job growth in December, the education and health services sector still added 3,100 jobs. That was the second highest total in the state trailing only professional and business services.

Share your thoughts on the potential for more growth in our state’s health care industry in 2017. Do you believe a healthier economy translates to better overall health in your community? Generating meaningful conversations around these types of health related stories is another way we are working toward our long-term goal of one day making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!

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