Az Docs, Nurses Hold Weekend Rally


President Trump will meet with our nation’s governors this week to talk about his plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Over the weekend,  many doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals held a rally in downtown Phoenix to voice their support for the ACA, commonly known as Obamacare.

From KJZZ News:

More than a hundred people who work in health care were protesting Republican plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Saturday in Phoenix.

Doctors and nurses, many of them clad in scrubs and holding signs saying “Save the ACA,” lined the road outside the offices of Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake. More than a dozen similar rallies were planned in cities across the country to pressure Republicans not to repeal the health care law.

About 600,000 people in Arizona now have insurance through the marketplace and Medicaid expansion.


Rally organizer Quinn Snyder, an emergency room doc in the East Valley, is quoted in as saying, “As an emergency physician, having more insured patients means better outcomes for our patients and potentially in the long run, fewer emergency-room visits.”

ABC15 put together a short video on the rally. You can watch it by clicking here or on the picture below.


A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows the ACA is as popular now as it has been at any time since 2010.


That said, many people like Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, still support a repeal of the law, but also believe a replacement plan has to be ready to take its place so Arizonans don’t “have the rug pulled out from under them.”

Share your thoughts on what you believe should happen or what you think will happen next. Will repeal come with a replacement? If it doesn’t, what you think it will mean for the people and the economy of our state. Generating meaningful conversations around the health news making headlines is another way we are working toward our long-term goal of one day making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!







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