The Power of Partnership

Better care for people, better health for communities, and lower costs through innovation and improvement. These are the basic tenets of the Triple Aim Model – designed to provide improved health care, not only in Arizona, but across the country. These are also the principles that the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA) looks for when organizations join our Affiliated Partners Program.

Our newest partner in the program is Accumen, a company whose work checks all of the Triple Aim boxes. Today’s blog comes to us from Ted Landis, the organization’s Chief Growth Officer. Ted talks about how our partnership can benefit people and communities across our state, by helping hospitals and health systems improve lab performance while keeping prices down.

Strong alignment of shared goals between Accumen and AzHHa is indeed strong. Accumen offers “all things lab” and creates value for health systems of all sizes with a flexible set of offerings to support Lab Excellence. As an affiliated partner, we bring capacity and capability to AzHHA members through a leveraged execution model that minimizes individual health system investment cost while maximizing value for each health system. Accumen shares in the risk of achieving outcomes by reducing costs and increasing quality in the lab to contribute to improving the overall health system profitability.  

Great disruption in healthcare has created a need for expertise in lab strategy and operations, integrated lab supply chain services, laboratory outreach programs and rapid integration of data informatics and lab workflow-based applications.

Accumen’s core solutions drive consulting, execution, utilization and growth initiatives by applying the best processes to focus and accelerate key healthcare initiatives. Accumen has proven experience in execution of integrated lab supply chain management and patient blood management that provide 19-34% and more of savings over a 3-year program timeframe.

Accumen’s people, process and technology offers health systems flexible offerings in a trusted partnership approach to accelerate lab value at the point of need and untapped opportunity. Maximizing results is today’s opportunity and we have the country’s best talent from within healthcare and across disciplines outside of healthcare to achieve and exceed goals. As an affiliated partner with AzHHA, it is a “win-win” to provide the tools and resources to deliver cost-effective and high-quality care while generating revenue for member health systems. We are better together.

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