And the Healthiest County is……

welcome_arizona_4Are urban counties healthier than their rural counterparts in Arizona? According to a new study by the website ‘County Health Rankings,’ the answer is yes. Three of our state’s five highest ranked are among the most dense counties.


Maricopa County has been named the healthiest county in Arizona for the second year in a row by the website County Health Rankings.

Maricopa, Pinal and Pima were three of the five healthiest counties in Arizona, and are three of the more urbanized counties in the state. These places typically have better physical health and greater access to doctors and insurance, according to the report. They also have greater percentages of higher education and lower unemployment rates, the report added.

The article quoted Raquel Bournhonesque, a community coach with County Health Rankings, as saying the rankings are intended to simply compare counties.“The data provides an opportunity for communities to tell their story and ignite action around making improvements to health,” she said. Ms. Bournhonesque added that Apache and Navajo are the two least-healthy counties in Arizona, and she said there are “higher rates of youth disconnection” in these areas. She said early education helps create opportunities for better health.


You can visit the Arizona section of the report by clicking here. There you will find various health measurements which were used to determine the rankings. Those measurements include:

  • quality of life,
  • health behaviors,
  • clinical care,
  • social and economic factors, and
  • physical environment.

Here is a look at the county rankings in our state from highest to lowest.

1 Maricopa (MA)
2 Greenlee (GE)
3 Yuma (YU)
4 Pinal (PN)
5 Pima (PI)
6 Yavapai (YA)
7 Santa Cruz (SC)
8 Cochise (CO)
9 Coconino (CC)
10 Graham (GR)
11 Mohave (MO)
12 Gila (GI)
13 La Paz (LP)
14 Navajo (NA)
15 Apache (AP)


We’d love to hear your thoughts on the rankings and how some of our state’s lower ranked counties can improve in some of the measurement areas. Finding new ways to drive better health throughout our state is one of the many ways we are working toward our long-term goal of one day making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!


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