The (Economic) Engine That Could

AZ - HospitalsArizona hospitals are powerful economic engines that are helping to drive the economy in communities across our state. That comes from a new report from the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA) that found Arizona hospitals pump nearly $24 billion dollars into the state’s economy and are responsible for about 177,000 jobs!

AzHHA President & CEO Greg Vigdor had this to say about the study’s results.

“This report makes clear that Arizona hospitals are critical not only to the health of Arizona citizens, but also to the overall health of our state and local economy. Healthcare is the largest single industry in Arizona and one of the few sectors that continued to grow through the Great Recession. Now that the economy is back on stable footing, hospitals are helping lead the recovery and creating thousands of quality jobs and billions of dollars in economic impact.”

Lake Havasu News featured the study in a recent news report and looked at what the Havasu Regional Medical Center means to that community. Below is an excerpt from the story.

Mohave County’s medical industry creates a vast economic impact, providing 5,850 jobs and producing over $826 million in revenue per year. 

According to Lake Havasu City Partnership for Economic Development President James Gray, the HRMC represents a major economic force in Havasu, and may factor into the city’s economic growth.


“The hospital generates tremendous economic drivers,” Gray said. “Hospitals create higher-level technical jobs that pay above the living wage, and that money goes back into the community.”

Similar stories of economic success are coming in from every corner of our state. AzHHA recently partnered with the American Hospital Association (AHA) to celebrate National Hospital Week by creating on a video that highlighted some of our state’s economic achievements. You can watch the video by clicking here or on the picture below.


Many of us often think about hospitals as a place where people go for help when they are sick. While hospitals will always be there to serve people in need, this recent report shows that they mean so much more to communities large and small throughout our state. Arizona hospitals not only drive better health….they also play a key role in helping to drive a healthier economy. And we believe that combination is invaluable as we continue to pursue our long-term goal of one day making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!

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