Arizona is Ground Zero

D_DuceyPremiums are high, the number of available plans is low and our Governor believes Arizona is ground zero in the ongoing fight over health care. Governor Doug Ducey met with the Trump administration and fellow governors yesterday to discuss what happens next.


On Monday, the governor tweeted about the gathering.

“The problems with Obamacare and the damage it’s inflicting on health care insurance markets, especially in AZ, are real and continue,” Ducey wrote. “Today I met with governors and admin officials on a pathway forward to address these issues and identify a better solution for Arizona.”


Ducey has described Arizona as “ground zero” for the damage caused by President Barack Obama’s signature health-care law, dubbed “Obamacare” by critics. He has cited high premiums and narrow options for Arizona residents who buy their health insurance on the individual markets created by the law.

According to KTAR-News, “Ducey pushed back against parts of the original proposal to repeal the health law that dramatically cut Medicaid, which currently insures about 1.9 million of the state’s 6.8 million residents.”

He pushed for a slower phase-out of higher Medicaid expansion matches, higher inflation adjustments, elimination of a penalty for states that expanded parts of Medicaid early, as well as explicit flexibility for the program.

Both McCain and Sen. Jeff Flake said they were listening to the governor’s concerns.

Ducey, McCain and other Arizona Republicans do want major changes to the individual marketplace, however. Arizona has seen the number of insurers offering plans drop dramatically, and average premiums skyrocketed by 116 percent this year.

There has been a lot of recent talk about finding a bipartisan solution to the health care we are facing and our state is right in the middle of that conversation as well. is reporting that “Two members of Arizona’s congressional delegation — a Republican and a Democrat — are backing changes to the Affordable Care Act designed to stabilize health-insurance markets.”

Reps. Martha McSally and Tom O’Halleran, both part of the 40-member Problem Solvers Caucus, released a broad outline of proposed changes to the federal health-care legislation known as Obamacare on Monday morning, just days after attempts at a “skinny repeal” of the ACA failed in the Senate.

Tucson News Now put together a short video on this bipartisan effort. You can watch it by clicking here or on the picture below.


Share your thoughts on this bipartisan effort to find better health solutions for Arizonans. We’d also love to hear what you think about Governor Ducey’s efforts to look for new ways to improve health in our state. Working together can not only help us find new and innovative ways to deal with the health issues we are facing… will also help us as we continue to move toward our long-term goal of one day making Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation!


One thought on “Arizona is Ground Zero

  1. For profit healthcare is the problem in the United States. The US is the only first world nation that does not have single payer healthcare for its citizens. Throw out the greedy insurance companies and their extortionist CEO’s and put in Medicare for All with everyone covered including our beloved Veterans. The cost would be shared by EVERYONE and surely would be much lower than what is currently being paid by those fortunate enough to be able to afford the insurance.


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