Hurricane Harvey and Hospital Workers

Hurrican Harvey ResponseThey are spending almost every waking moment helping others, and yet many Texas hospital workers lost so much themselves in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. With that in mind, the Texas Hospital Association (THA) has created the Hospital Employee Assistance Fund to lend a hand to hospital employees who experienced significant property loss or damage.

From the THA website:

Help the Texas Hospital Association support Texas hospital employees whose lives have been impacted by the devastating destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey. While thousands of our colleagues work around the clock to serve emergency response efforts, their families are being affected by this historic storm and flooding damage.

THA has created the THA Hospital Employee Assistance Fund to assist hospital employees who experienced significant property loss or damage. Please help us provide some relief to our colleagues.

We ask everyone in our hospital community here in Texas and beyond to donate now.

An example of what Houston hospital workers are facing can be found in a recent CBS News story titled, “How Houston Hospitals are Coping With Harvey.”  The excerpt below is from that report.

About 40 nurses and staff are still stranded inside the hospital.

“Their houses have been destroyed and they are not able to return home,” Howell said.

But like so many emergency workers, they stayed on the job to help patients like Sarah and her husband. 

“Every single staff member and nurse and doctor that’s been here, they have family members,” Wesley Hunter said. “For them to stay focused on my family, that really, really means a lot to me.” added

One of the hospitals that has become self-contained is St. Joseph’s Medical Center in downtown Houston, which has remained open for the duration of the storm. Staffers are delivering babies, handling emergencies and taking care of a number of evacuees from the nearby convention center. Unable to get back to their own homes due to impassable roads, employees have had to sleep at the hospital, but hospital leaders said they still volunteer to work extra hours.

The incredible work of these hospital employees has not gone unnoticed. The American Hospital Association (AHA) created the ad below and will feature it in Monday’s edition of Modern Healthcare in an effort to draw more attention to the issues Texas hospital workers are now facing.

Modern Ad Harvey

Share your thoughts on the commitment these workers are showing and how, in the face of their own tragedies, so many can remain focused on helping others. If you feel you would like to lend a hand to the people who are working round the clock to help others….you can find more information about donating by clicking here.

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