Healthcare Decisions Month

AzHHA is a leader in improving how end of life care happens for Arizonans and a champion of efforts ensuring that patient preference and desires are honored. Our priority initiative, Thoughtful Life Conversations, is aimed at creating fundamental improvement in how Arizonans experience end of life care. Here are two ways it is happening:

Educating healthcare providers and the community to improve their competencies in having conversations about end of life care. Find more information here.

Providing a toolkit to help communities expand opportunities to have their end of life Alameddin, Ann-Mariewishes known and honored. Download the toolkit here.

April is Arizona Healthcare Decisions Month and we are taking the theme “leading by example” to heart. AzHHA Vice President of Strategy and Legal Counsel, Ann-Marie Alameddin, shares her story of how planning has impacted her family:

I’ve experienced the importance of end of life care planning with my beloved aunt. She was hospitalized and unable to make her own healthcare decisions. Upon hearing her prognosis, our family and her best friend came to a consensus on what we thought my aunt would have wanted which was comfort care. After an initial decision was made, I went to her home and found her living will and power of attorney where she clearly outlines her wishes. The burden of this decision was lightened once we knew that these were her wishes for her care at the end of her life. We felt like we honored her voice in how she wanted to spend her last days-comfort care with hospice and we surrounded her with her family and dear friends, we even had her beloved dog visit. By having her living will, we knew beyond a doubt that this is what she wanted and we honored her wishes. In many ways it felt like one of the final and most important acts of love for my aunt.

Join AzHHA as we encourage Arizonans to complete their documents and share their wishes with family, friends and their care providers. We know that it can be an uncomfortable conversation to start, but we are trying to normalize the topic. Share below what you think keeps people from sharing their end of life care wishes. It might provide insight into how we can help make Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation.

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