What’s the Big Deal with Being a “Best Place to Work?”

Today’s blog comes from one of AzHHA’s Affiliated Parters, HRG Pros. They were recently selected as one of the 2018 Best Places to Work in Healthcare by Modern Healthcare. You may ask why is this important? The answer is simple good people want to work at good places and word of mouth and reputation are your best recruiting tools, in addition to the message of “this hospital or company takes care of its people, and therefore will probably take care of me” from a patient perspective. In the blog below, HRG Pro shares insight on creating a happy workplace for employees.

The term “happy employees equals happy customers” is not just a trendy axiom, but a mantra organization should live by.


Most innovative business leaders know that engaged workers are more faithful workers. Workers that are treated as valued members of the team and given the opportunity to contribute and grow, will naturally apply themselves harder and achieve better results. Higher productivity results in faster throughput time, leading to lower labor costs and higher patient or customer satisfaction.


When your staff enjoys working for your company, they are less likely to move on. Your reputation among potential employment candidates, clients, and other partners is positively impacted by lower attrition rates. Turnover is expensive and always disruptive for an organization. Workers leave a company for a variety of reasons. Working on minimizing the reasons to leave and maximizing the reasons to stay is important. The culture that has been established, and the lifestyle organizations allow their workers, creates loyalty. The offer of a bit sweeter compensation package is less appealing when staff feels like an important and engaged part of the process.


Bob Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Company has said, “The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.” Organizations should be embracing a spirit of innovation and creative problem solving resulting in improvements to efficiency. Workers find great satisfaction in not just rewards for good performance, but in breaking through the barriers to achieving better results than your competition. How powerful is it that every worker is committed to looking for ways to improve? Imagine how that culture could help you with patient satisfaction scores and in reaching financial goals.

In healthcare, patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes are the measures of success by which organizations are judged. We can invest in the best technology and implement cutting-edge processes only to wind up falling dismally short due to disengaged and unhappy staff. Striving to be a “best place to work” is a noble goal we as leaders should authentically strive for in our long-term planning and our day-to-day operations. It’s not something we can peddle and provide lip service to. Working to build a culture of innovation and loyalty creates trust. Trust builds commitment. Commitment results in excellence, and excellence affords incredible results.

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