Thoughtful Life Conversations

You can help transform how we talk about dying in America — changing us from a culture that doesn’t talk about crucial end-of-life concerns to one that does. We invite communities of every faith to join us for the Conversation Sabbath this October 26 – November 4, 2018.

It’s a simple idea: We are inviting clergy leaders across Arizona to “preach or teach” about the vital importance of having values-centered conversations with our loved ones about what matters most when it comes to care at the end-of-life. You see, the mission at Thoughtful Life Conversations (TLC) is helping faith communities come together to promote their own unique and personal ways to expand opportunities to have their end of life wishes known and honored. We hope you will encourage your congregates to preserve their voice.

Many tend to think it’s somehow too soon to have these crucial conversations. Too often, however, it ends up being too late. Confusion about a loved one’s wishes can result in strife at the bedside, increased grief and depression for caregivers, and lasting damage in relationships among the people we love the most.

We ask that during Conversation Sabbath you share your faith’s teachings on this critical topic and encourage your community to talk in a familiar setting about what matters most to them–not wait for a medical crisis. TLC can help. We offer free resources, including the “Honoring a Life” 2-hour training. See the details for the training here and we hope you consider scheduling a session for your community today. Due to a generous grant from the Lovell Foundation, “Honoring a Life” is offered free of charge across Arizona.

We hope you will join the effort to fundamentally improve how Arizonans experience end-of-life care.

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