CEO Spotlight – Mike Patterson


Today’s blog comes to us from Mike Patterson, Arizona Market President and CEO of Havasu Regional Medical Center Here he shares his thoughts on the success, challenges and the future of healthcare in Arizona. Once you’ve had a chance to read it, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Generating meaningful conversations around the health issues facing us here in Arizona is another way we are working to make our state the Healthiest State in the Nation!

  • What are the biggest hurdles in providing care?

The biggest hurdle to providing care is having enough qualified physicians and staff to take care of the number of patients we have in our community.

  • What are the greatest health needs in your community? 

We have an older population in Lake Havasu (average age of 55) so their healthcare needs tend to be a little higher than a community with an average age of 35.  We also get a lot of Snowbirds in the winter which puts increased pressure on our healthcare system.  We have a huge need for additional primary care providers in our community.  We also have a need, like most communities in the state, for additional mental health coverage.

  • When you think about the future, what are you most hopeful for? 

I have a very positive outlook for our hospital.  Our mission is making our Community Healthier.  We are doing this in many ways including providing trauma care as a Level III Trauma Center, Cardiac Care as a Chest Pain Receiving Center, and Orthopedic care through our Orthopedic Center of Excellence.  I am hopeful that in the future we can focus more on keeping people healthy instead of just taking care of them when they are not.

  • What is your facility’s greatest recent success?

Success to me is when we are able to provide the healthcare services our community needs.  To do that, we recently added on over 6,000 square feet to our cancer center and are currently upgrading our linear accelerator to the latest and greatest Varian system.  We are also undergoing a $10.5M Emergency Room expansion that will give us 10 additional rooms.

  • What keeps you up at night?

I try not to let things keep me up at night.  However, I do worry most about being able to recruit and retain physicians and staff members so we can continue to take care of the patient needs in our community.

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